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Analyze Your Trading Performance with Precision and Transparency
In just seconds you can connect any Metatrader 4 based trading account from hundreds of different brokers to our automated analyzer and gain access to rich trading metrics, analytical filtering and drilldown. There is no software required and we require only your read-only investor password and account number. Our system initiates regular automated connections direct to your broker to retrieve and process new trade data and display updated metrics. Besides deep analysis, you can also journal, share your statistics with friends or potential clients, connect with other traders and search performances, and much more.
The methodologies employed to achieve maximum precision and transparency mark a significant improvement over popular systems that operate on incomplete data. The Razor Stats system reconstructs historical equity for every pertinent price tick on every trade over the life of the account using trade records, historical price ticks, and essential algorithms and metadata. This allows for precision-calculation of historical metrics such as daily equity ranges and maximal drawdown even for times the account was not connected to our system. The system strives for absolute transparency by prominently displaying warning messages in the event of uncertainty, for example, when certain brokers archive and make portions of trade history unavailable on certain accounts.

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