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Australian Dollar Speculators Finally Try the Long Side - COT Report 08 April 2014
By RalphShell about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  278 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
It has been a long time since the speculators have tried the long side of the Australian Dollar.  Their short position dates ...
Interesting Weekend Comments by the ECB President
By RalphShell about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  166 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The weekend edition of the London Telegraph reported Draghi was speaking about the euro's value at a Saturday meeting of the IMF.&...
Yen Buying May be Pressuring the USD
By RalphShell about 4 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  128 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
It has been a very busy trading week for many asset classes.  One of the main catalysts was the Fed's attempt to tame their r...
Canadian Dollar Looking For Direction
By RalphShell about 7 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  300 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Today (Tuesday April 8th) the Canadian Dollar shrugged off some disappointing fundamental information and held its own versus the ...
Yen Sold Aggressively by Speculators | COT Report 01 April 2014
By RalphShell about 9 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  310 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
There was a 17% increase in the OI for the period as speculators aggressively sold the yen.  The total number of short contra...
What is Next for the Kiwi?
By RalphShell about 12 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  229 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The New Zealand Dollar otherwise known as the Kiwi, has rallied smartly, up about 650 pips between February and April 1.  Sin...
Busy Week For Data Releases Should Result in Forex Volatility
By RalphShell about 14 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  227 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The first week of every month is usually one of increased volatility for the forex market.  Friday's US NFP Report is the hig...
Canadian Dollar Short Being Covered by Specs | COT Report 25 March 2014
By RalphShell about 15 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  330 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Both size spec groups have been short a large number of Canadian Dollar contracts since November 2013.  The maximum short was...
Is Mrs Watanabe Buying Gold?
By RalphShell about 18 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  609 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Implementation of the Japanese consumption tax, from 5% to 8%, is going to commence on April 1st, another phase of Abenomics. ...
Where Have All the Aussie Traders Gone? Part 2
By RalphShell about 20 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  418 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Part 1, the saga of the missing Aussie traders, was written on February 18th.  Then, we noted there was a decline in the trad...
Speculators Dump the USD - COT Report 18 March 2014
By RalphShell about 23 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  369 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Speculators made the biggest reduction in their net USD position since the week of September 24th 2013.  Specs are still net ...
What if the Ukrainian Crisis Gets Worse?
By RalphShell about 25 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  377 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Barely three weeks have gone by since the Russian annexed Crimea and markets are again moving higher.  Granted, equities and ...
Will Better US Current Account Balances Become a Mega Trend?
By RalphShell about 27 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  916 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
It seems hard to believe markets can be cheered by a quarterly current deficit of $-81.1B but, then again, everything is relative....
Did the Russians Dump Their US Treasuries?
By RalphShell about 28 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  237 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
A US Government report released last week showed there was a record reduction – $104.5B of US debt held by the Fed – w...
Speculators Sell the Japanese Yen - COT Report 11 March 2014
By RalphShell about 28 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  520 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Specs added to their short yen position taking their total short back up to 132K. Overall there was little change in the net USD l...
Fear of Ukraine Crisis Becomes the Forex Driver
By RalphShell about 1 month(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  431 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
It has been obvious for several weeks that Putin and his unmarked army are going to remain in the Crimea.  The feeble threats...
ForexRazor ComPoundMACD EA ForexRazor ComPoundMACD EA
By Steven Randolf about 1 month(s) ago  •  3 Comments  •  311 Views  •  Article Rating4 Ratings
Before the hand-drawn bow gave way to the compound bow, archers had to use brute strength to pull string to get that 100 pounds of...
Poor Chinese News Weighs on the Australian Dollar
By RalphShell about 1 month(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  387 Views  •  Article Rating1 Ratings
Recently, the  Chinese economic news has been dismal.  Announced late Friday was the Chinese Trade Balance, and it was a...
USD Liquidation Continues | COT Report 04 March 2014
By RalphShell about 1 month(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  232 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
There has been a continued liquidation of the net USD position each week for the last four weeks.  Now the total net USD long...
Could the UK be the New Safe Haven?
By RalphShell about 1 month(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  335 Views  •  Article Rating5 Ratings
Both the ECB and the Bank of England kept their monetary policies unchanged today (Thursday, March 6th).  Draghi sees con...
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