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Aussie Drops on China, Krona Slides as Dollar Rally Gathers Pace Aussie Drops on China, Krona Slides as Dollar Rally Gathers Pace
By about 5 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  14 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Australia’s dollar fell to 90 U.S. cents for the first time since March and Sweden’s krona slid after elections, while strengtheni...
What You Need to Know about Next Week's 3 Key Events
By about 10 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  10 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Forget the Siren calls of the impending end of days and the imminent collapse of civilization.  Here is a non-polemical non-bombas...
Weekly Fundamentals - Brent Plunged Below 100 on Soft fundamentals, Narrowed WTI-Brent Spread
By about 1 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  29 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Crude oil slumped for the second consecutive week, despite escalated geopolitical tensions which usually raised demand for commodi...
Technical Overview Ahead of Next Week's Key Events
By about 1 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  74 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Simply review of technical condition of the capital markets.  Light on polemical zea,l and heavy on technical analysis.  
Pound Drops to Lowest Since November on Scots’ Referendum Poll
By about 1 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  31 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The pound tumbled for a second week as polls showing a swing in favor of Scottish independence from the U.K. damped demand for the...
Ruble Falls to Record as Sanctions Grow, Sberbank Pares Advance
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  30 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The ruble weakened to a record for a second day as the European Union and U.S. widened sanctions. Bonds rose after Russia kept int...
Pimco Says No Canada Bear Bond Market as Poloz Tightens
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  33 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Canadian bond investors will avoid a bear market with the central bank likely to raise interest rates at a gradual pace as the eco...
5 Reasons Why Next Week is Big for FX 5 Reasons Why Next Week is Big for FX
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  24 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
- Daily FX Market Roundup 09.12.14 5 Reasons Why FX is the Market to Watch Next Week EUR/USD – Poised for a Rebound Brace for Big ...
U.K. to Sell First Yuan-Denominated Bonds for Currency Reserves
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  23 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The U.K. government plans to sell the world’s first non-Chinese sovereign bond denominated in renminbi, to finance the nation’s fo...
Beware of a shock week in equities Beware of a shock week in equities
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  21 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Earlier this year, plenty of ink was spilled about the “January effect” –the positive correlation between stocks’ January performa...
Brazil’s Real Extends Weekly Drop to Biggest Since August 2013
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  57 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Brazil’s real extended its weekly slump to the biggest in a year after a poll showed increased support for President Dilma Roussef...
Colombia at Inflation and Growth ‘Nirvana,’ Cano Says
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  16 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Colombia has achieved a policy “nirvana” of on-target inflation and sustainable economic growth with interest rates at their neutr...
Chile and Peru Cut Rates as Inflation Outlook Permits Stimulus
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  49 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Chile and Peru reduced borrowing costs to the lowest levels in three years as policy makers seek to stimulate growth in economies ...
Why AUD/USD is Grossly Oversold Why AUD/USD is Grossly Oversold
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  55 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
- Market Drivers for September 12 2014 Aussie slides to 9050 as CNY New Loans weaker EZ Industrial Production 1.0% vs. 0.6% Nikkei...
Gold continues to show further weakening Gold continues to show further weakening
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  12 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Gold (daily chart shown below) has continued to decline in correlation with the US dollar’s recent marked strength. The precious m...
Asia Currencies Have Biggest Weekly Drop Since April on Fed Bets
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  31 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Asian currencies recorded their biggest weekly decline since April as an improving U.S. economy spurred speculation the Federal Re...
Bank Moves to Avoid Overseas Swap Rules Watched by U.S. Treasury
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  66 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The Treasury Department is monitoring Wall Street efforts to escape U.S. swap-trading restrictions for overseas derivatives, accor...
Fernandez Advises Argentines to Buy Fridges Not Dollars
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  34 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner advised her country’s citizens to buy durable goods with their pesos rather tha...
Geopolitical Tensions Under the Spotlight Again
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  21 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Geopolitical tensions again took centre stage as the EU announced agreed new sanctions against Russia, in response to "its illegal...
Dollar Reaches Highest Versus Yen Since 2008 on Fed
By about 3 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  94 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The dollar advanced to a six-year high against the yen as a report showed U.S. retail sales rose the most in four months in August...
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