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Global Currency Trading Falls Amid Volatility Drop, Market Probe
By about 1 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  4 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Foreign-exchange volumes in the U.S., U.K. and Australia fell in April from a year earlier, according to reports from the world’s ...
AUD/USD continues range trading within bullish trend AUD/USD continues range trading within bullish trend
By about 5 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  6 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
AUD/USD (daily chart shown below) has remained in a relatively tight consolidation within the past four weeks after hitting a 2014...
What is this bullish chart? What is this bullish chart?
By about 5 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  6 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The FX-related chart below highlights three technical attributes, each of which appears bullish: – A possible inverse Head-&-Shoul...
Brazil Economists Cut 2014 Growth Call for Ninth Straight Week
By about 5 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  8 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Brazil economists reduced their 2014 growth forecast for the ninth consecutive week, as policy makers seek to spur demand without ...
Brazil’s Swap Rates Climb on Faster 2015 Outlook for Inflation
By about 6 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  16 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Brazil’s swap rates rose as economists surveyed by the central bank raised their inflation forecasts for 2015, adding to speculati...
Argentine Bonds Fall as Default Deadline Looms With No Progress
By about 6 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  18 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Argentine bonds dropped to a one- month low as the nation rejects direct talks with creditors in a conflict over defaulted bonds t...
China Hides Treasury Buys in Belgium: Chart of the Day
By about 8 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  12 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
China is driving a jump in Belgian holdings of Treasuries and is a key reason for a plunge in yields even as the Federal Reserve t...
What Will the Fed Do This Week? What Will the Fed Do This Week?
By about 9 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  17 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
- Market Drivers for July 28 2014 CNY Industrial Profits 17.9% vs. 8.9% ...
US Growth and FOMC in Focus
By about 14 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  10 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Commodities softened with both crude oil and gold prices eased a tad. The focuses of this week are the FOMC meeting and the advanc...
Dollar Weakens Versus Major Peers on Economy Before Fed Dollar Weakens Versus Major Peers on Economy Before Fed
By about 19 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  24 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The dollar fell against most of its 16 major peers on speculation the U.S. economy failed to rebound as much as investors forecast...
Hong Kong Dollar Seen Staying Strong as HKMA Buys $690 Million
By about 20 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  11 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Hong Kong’s de facto central bank bought $690 million on July 25 to defend the city’s 31-year-old peg to the U.S. dollar as it exp...
Gaza Conflict Seen Tipping Flug Toward Rate Cut: Israel Markets
By about 20 hour(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  35 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The only analyst to predict Israel central bank Governor Karnit Flug’s first interest-rate cut says it’s time to pare again.
Heavy Selling Continues in the Euro Heavy Selling Continues in the Euro
By RalphShell about 1 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  199 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
There was continued heavy selling in the euro, with the total open interest rising to almost 400K and the total spec short positio...
It is Mostly about the US Next Week
By about 1 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  106 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
An overview of the major events next week within the context of the capital markets, which could be at inflection points.
Respecting the Price Action
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  150 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
A look at the price action in the major currencies, US Treasuries and the S&P 500.   
Weekly Fundamentals - Zinc Soared on Falling Inventory
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  33 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Zinc outperformed in the base metal complex amidst supply concerns and as Chinese manufacturing activities accelerated. Flattening...
Spanish Bonds Advance With Italian Peers Before Debt Redemptions
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  29 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
Spanish and Italian bonds gained this week amid bets that redemptions of about 52 billion euros ($70 billion) will bolster demand ...
GDP, FOMC, NFP – How these Reports will Affect the Buck GDP, FOMC, NFP – How these Reports will Affect the Buck
By about 2 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  28 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
- Daily FX Market Roundup 07.25.14 GDP, FOMC, NFP – How these Reports Could Affect the Buck Euro Falls to Fresh 8 Month Lows on We...
Canada Dollar Drops to Five-Week Low on Economic Concern
By about 3 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  66 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The Canadian dollar sank to a five- week low before reports next week that are forecast to show the nation’s economy is lagging be...
Changes in the Japanese Ministry of Finance to Weaken Yen? Changes in the Japanese Ministry of Finance to Weaken Yen?
By RalphShell about 3 day(s) ago  •  0 Comments  •  101 Views  •  Article Rating0 Ratings
The downing of the Malaysian jet over the Ukraine last week influenced safe-haven seekers to push the JPY to 101.14.  After t...
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